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Concentrated, North American long/short equity

Inception Date:

September 1, 2013

Fund Codes:

Class F: VCM 810/811
Class A: VCM 800/801

Management Fee:

Class F: 1.5%
Class A: 2.0%

Performance Fee:


High Water Mark:


Minimum Investment:


Minimum Follow-On:



Not applicable

Registered Accounts:

Not Eligible



VENATOR SELECT FUND is a ‘best ideas’ strategy that strives to generate superior returns by concentrating investments in a small number of opportunities. The Fund can take both long & short investment positions in equity, debt, and derivative securities; as well as strategic trading in special situations. The allocation of long & short positions will vary depending on the opportunities that the Manager believes offer the best reward per unit of risk.

Investment restrictions are minimal with this strategy, and investors are encouraged to refer to the Offering Memorandum for more details relating to investment objectives, strategies, and restrictions.